Powder coating


Powder-coating is a finishing process where dry polymer coating is applied most often by spraying with electrostatic gun. The construction of the assembly line and chambers for preparation, painting and firing at Lesto Product allows treatment of parts with maximum dimensions of 1250 x 1500 x 3000 mm (width / height / length).

All products are first  degreased and cleaned from mineral salts and other impurities in chambers for pre-treatment in four phases: degreasing, phosphating, washing with industrial water and passivation to complete the cleaning process. The pre-treatment process both cleans and improves bonding of the powder to the metal. The object is then dried,  sprayed with electrostatic coating, heated in a powder coating oven to melt the powder in a uniform film and then cooled to form a hard coating.

Daily records are kept for all parameters of the process: pH and temperature of the solution, pH of the water and the temperature of the ovens. The finished parts are packed in appropriate containers according to their geometry and labeled according to the approved regulations.


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