LESTO PRODUCT EOOD participates in an organized meeting with young people and schoolchild within the Vocations day 2017

LESTO PRODUCT EOOD participates in an organized meeting with young people and schoolchild within the Vocations day 2017
30 Април 2017

On 28th of April 2017, LESTO PRODUCT EOOD took part in the biggest and only one of its kind career event in Vratsa District - 2017 Vocations day. Organized by Regional Governance of Education Vratsa, Confederation of Employers and Industrialists in Bulgaria Vratsa, Building Chamber and The Chamber of Commerce and Industry meeting aimed to help young people in their professional orientation and to inform them about career opportunities.

The forum was held under the motto "Choose Your Profession Today" and was visited by over 400 children - schoolchild of VII and VIII grade from all primary schools in the area. Representatives of the local business took part in the forum and officials welcomed the event as a sign of support for the initiative. The stand of LESTO PRODUCT was among the most attractive of the exhibition and caused great interest among the visitors. The modern thinking of care for young people and the common future of all, motivated LESTO PRODUCT team to conduct open discussions with children to share experiences, asked a curious questions about the nature of work and opportunities.

"For LESTO PRODUCT people are the biggest asset. Any investment in their future is an investment in the future of our city and in the future of Bulgaria. Participating in this forum was an opportunity for us to help the young people in the decisive for their development career choice - choosing a profession. We are confident that with the opportunity to gain practical experience during learning, children will acquire additional knowledge and skills that will raise their self-esteem because knowledge gives confidence and makes dreams a reality” said the Manager of LESTO PRODUCT EOOD, Mr. Ivaylo Gladnishki.

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LESTO PRODUCT EOOD is a company based in Bulgaria, with more than 20 years of experience in the production of metal parts for machines and equipment used in different sectors of industry. The main technological operations used to manufacture individual metal parts or assembled units are laser cutting, punching, bending, welding, powder-polymer coating and assembly of components and assemblies.



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