Safan Е-Brake



The Safan E-Brake press brake, with its servo-electronic technology, has proved itself all over the world since 1995. The machine features a highly flexible design with short delivery times.

The special construction of the brake contributes to even absorption of large forces and deformation is kept to the absolute minimum. The control system allows digital adjustment of all parameters of bending through a range of instruments.  The bending press has 6 CNC controlled axes and digital compression force of 100 kN. The system can be easily programmed due to "self-learning" database of materials, tools and operations already performed.

The system automatically measures the sheet thickness and in the case the material has thickness other than the predetermined one, the machine automatically stops working.

Technical details

Item: Safan Е-Brake 100-3100 CNC bending machine
Max. lenght: 3 100 mm*
Maximum sheet thickness: 12 mm*
Accuracy (Y axis) ± 0,01 mm
Accuracy of positioning ± 0,02 mm

*The maximum length depends on the working piece thickness.

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